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Best Tyre is one of the leading distributors of Supercat tyres in Auckland for hatchbacks, SUVs, sports cars, pick-up trucks and family sedans. Here, you can choose from various tyre specifications as per your vehicle's manual. However, if you want to upgrade to a bigger tyre size, our experts can recommend the best match for your car and wallet.

Best Tyre is a customer-centric business that provides the best tyres at the best price. Besides, we provide complete mechanical assistance which includes tyre repairs, installation and wheel alignment. All in all, Best Tyre is the one-stop destination for all your tyre needs. If you are looking for other tyre brands, feel free to browse our various categories or call us directly to enquire about the tyre brand and specifications that you are looking for.

We have tyre sizes available from 13 inch all the way up to 24 inch. And if you are looking for tough off-road tyres, you will get them here.

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