Tyre Shop Onehunga

Buy your next set of tyres in Onehunga from Best Tyre and get great offers, a wide variety to choose from, quality fitment and professional wheel alignment service so that your vehicle is drive-ready as you hit the road.

We sell new and used tyres in Onehunga across a wide price spectrum. So, if you require a new set of tyres and have a fixed budget set aside, we can fix you a better deal than elsewhere in Onehunga.

We stock high-performance tyres for sports cars and SUVs, as well as affordable tyres that can last you 50k kilometers without a hiccup. No matter how expensive tyres you buy, without regular wheel alignment, they can only go so far. Therefore, we suggest you get your wheel alignment checked every six months. Our professionals can also identify problems in the suspension system that lead to recurrent misalignment and premature tread wear.

Give us a call to enquire about the tyre brand and exact specifications that you are looking for. Or simply tell us the make and model of your car to get quotes for various tyres that fit your criteria.