Best Tyre has a fully equipped Laser wheel alignment facility where you can get alignment and balancing done at a fraction of the dealership cost in Auckland.

Our wheel alignment experts are fully trained and have experience working on all models and makes.

No waiting around and 100% customer satisfaction.

We try to process every wheel alignment request in under 15 minutes. And once the wheel alignment is done, you can test drive to check if your vehicle is driving perfectly straight. In case there’s an error, we will rectify there and then. You don’t have to pay for the alignment until you are fully satisfied.

Are you concerned about the wheel alignment cost? Although it varies from car to car, rest assured that it will be a lot cheaper than your dealership wheel alignment service. We use a highly accurate Laser wheel alignment machine that can identify the slightest of error in the alignment.

Wheel Alignment Auckland NZ Cost

A wheel alignment machine is as good as the mechanic operating it. At Best Tyre, our mechanics possess fundamental knowledge of tyres and know what needs to be done to prolong their life. They have mastered the skill of wheel alignment and have experience working on almost every Japanese, German, American and Australian vehicle. Which means no time will be wasted trying to figure things out.

If our mechanics can’t perform wheel alignment on your vehicle, which is quite rare, we will tell you so at the beginning so you can get the alignment done at the dealership service centre.

We are friendly, honest and happy to offer the best advice on wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment Deals Auckland

Wheel alignment is the easiest way to prolong your tyres’ life and ensure better handling on highways. Poor wheel alignment is the number 1 reason for premature tyre wear, but you can avoid that by getting regular wheel alignment done at Best Tyre. We understand wheel alignment really well because we are fully versed with tyres and wheels of all types and sizes. We sell a wide range of quality tyres to our customers as well as quality wheel alignment and repairs to help them keep their existing tyres in great shape.

If you have any query related to our wheel alignment service in West Auckland, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help and offer free advice.