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When you want a new set of tyres for your old car, buying second hand tyres is a great alternative. Why? Second hand tyres are cheap and offer a high return on investment.

Best Tyre sells less used tyres in Auckland, which have up to 80% of tread left on them but depreciate by 60% in terms of price. This means buying a set of second hand tyres is always profitable.

If you are looking for cheap second hand tyres in West Auckland for your hatchback or sedan, we have got you covered. Let us know the tyre specifications you are looking for. In case we don’t have it in our inventory at this moment, we can source it for you in a week’s time.

If you want to mod your old car, why not start with upgrading to bigger tyres? At Best Tyres, you can get the desired tyre specification at an affordable price.

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