Why Best Tyre?

At Best Tyre, we understand the needs of our customers and believe that our customers deserve the best deal for their investment without compromising on quality. Which is why we bring you great quality car tyres at affordable prices around New Zealand. The best thing about buying at Best Tyre is that you get discounts and best deals on premium tyre brands.

Range of New Tyres?

Best Tyre offers an extensive range of new tyres to suit all types of cars and all types of needs. Whether you are looking for durability, performance, stopping, acceleration or quietness we have it all. Best Tyre has it all at the superior quality and the reasonable prices. We have tyres from many different brands such as Michelin, Continental, Mazzini, Citiwalker and more. Ranging from supreme tyres to discounted tyres at a reasonable price to keep your pocket happy.

If you want high quality tyres at a highly competitive price but don’t have time to visit your nearby store, look no further than Best Tyre because we have an online store to help our fellow New Zealanders. Buying tyre has now become so trouble free and less expensive with the help of Best Tyre’s online store.

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