When was the last time you drove in for wheel alignment? If it’s been more than six months, it’s time you get the wheel alignment checked. Wheel alignment is the only way to prolong your tyres’ life and to ensure your vehicle drives in a straight line.

Wheel alignment prevents premature tread wear and enhances your driving experience, especially on straight highways. With properly aligned wheels, you need not force hold your steering in order to keep driving straight.

Wheel Alignment Mechanic Otahuhu

Our wheel alignment mechanic of Otahuhu can work on all models and makes. Using a Laser wheel alignment machine which measures the alignment with high accuracy, we give our customers a quality wheel alignment service at affordable rates.

Wheel Alignment Expert in Otahuhu

Get in touch with our wheel alignment expert to ask questions related to wheel alignment, tyre installation or repair. We are happy to provide a free price estimate for the wheel alignment specific to your vehicle.