The most common car related myths

Do you believe it when someone says that the Earth is flat? Or do you think wishing over a falling star works? We suppose no! Of course, we all know these are myths and well, no educated person believes in them! When you are so intelligent that you don’t believe in such useless misconceptions, then how can you assume that certain myths which are assumed as facts about cars can be true?! Well, these are misconceptions as well. And believing in those can only keep you under a blindfold.

Some myths about cars that you definitely shouldn’t believe in

Believing in misconceptions is naturally misleading. Like, if you believe in the misconception that installing second-hand tyres from an online tyre shop is never going to work in your car and that is why you buy only the new ones for it, then you waste the money because of this misinformation. Well, this was one example, there are many such facts that impact you and your decisions a lot. Read about some below:

Use only premium fuels in your car since it’s the best — We have seen people spending money like anything just to add premium fuel to their cars. Why? They think that these are the best for the vehicles! Well, you need to get your facts right in this case. Premium fuels means added protectants and clearness in the fuel, it has nothing to do with the car’s performance. That remains the same as per your engine’s maintenance and quality.

When replacing a single tyre, reinstall all — It is actually funny that there are people who believe in this myth and actually waste their money in installing all those tyres! (The tyre companies certainly benefit a lot!) In reality, you can change and replace only the damaged tyre from a tyre shop in Otahuhu like Best New Tyre. They have all types of tyres available for your car and they even install these perfectly for you checking the alignment of these (additionally).

Using air conditioners waste the fuel — Come on, let’s accept the fact! What is the first thing you do when you want to save fuel in a car? You switch off the air conditioner and open up the windows. Why? Well, because you believe in this myth that operating the air conditioner wastes fuel and opening the windows doesn’t! On the contrary, the reality is totally vice versa. Opening up the windows lets the air in, increases drag movement, consequently leading to decreased performance and fuel wastage.

You can service your car only at the dealership —Even after the warranty period gets over, many people prefer the dealership to get their cars serviced. However, there are dozens of proficient mechanics ready to service your car just like the company does. You just have to trust them (of course after checking and verifying credentials). The results would be no less than that of the dealership.

Well, we know you are guilty of believing in a few of these car-related myths. But knowledge is power. So, always insist on getting your facts right. What do you say?

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