Wheel alignment is one of the most important parts of a routine logbook service. While you may get your car serviced once a year, wheel alignment is something that you may need more frequently, say every 4-6 months, depending on how you drive.

It doesn’t make sense to pay your dealership service centre a small fortune for wheel alignment when you can get the same service quality at Best Tyre for a fraction of the cost. We provide a professional wheel alignment service in Manukau using an advanced Laser wheel alignment machine that is way more accurate than the old-school wheel alignment methods.

When your vehicle starts pulling to either side of the road while driving, it’s a clear indicator that its alignment is off and needs to be fixed immediately. What if you don’t get it fixed?

Poor wheel alignment means your front tyres are not moving parallel to each other, which lead to uneven tread wear or premature tyre wear if it gets worse. Poor wheel alignment can deplete the tread in a few weeks. Therefore, it is better to pay for the wheel alignment than to liquidate your savings for a new set of tyres.

Wheel Alignment Mechanic Cost Manukau

Our wheel alignment mechanics are fully trained and equipped to work on cars of all models and makes. They are experienced, friendly and always give an honest piece of advice to help you prolong your tyres’ life.

When you drive into our wheel alignment facility, hand over the keys and sit back. Our mechanic will get your car to the apparatus to perform the wheel alignment. If you want, you can attend the wheel alignment to get a first-hand experience of how it’s done. And it’s interesting to watch.

No matter how bad your wheel alignment may look, we will fix it in under 15 minutes. Whether you own a sedan, hatchback or an off-roading vehicle, it doesn’t matter. Our Laser wheel alignment machine can accommodate vehicles of all sizes and types.

Wheel Alignment Expert in Manukau

If you are looking for a wheel alignment expert in Manukau, Best Tyre is your best bet because we have the advanced machinery and highly experienced mechanics to give you quality wheel alignment service at an affordable price.

We are committed to maximum customer satisfaction. You can test drive the vehicle immediately after the wheel alignment is done. In case you are not satisfied with how your car handles, we will fix it there and then. With Best Tyre, you don’t have to be concerned about the wheel alignment cost. Although it varies from car to car, it’s always going to be cheaper than any dealership wheel alignment service.