Mechanical Repairs Auckland

Mechanical Repairs

At Best Tyre, we understand that your car is the most significant investment that you do aside from your home and we pride ourselves on providing the reliable and best in class mechanical repairs in Auckland to help to protect your investment.

Why choose our mechanical repair service?

No matter what is the make or model of your car, we have one of the skilled and qualified technicians who can deal with all kinds of mechanical repairs. Our technicians only use the highest quality parts and equipment in repairs and go the extra mile with mechanical repairs to make sure that your car performs well.

When you hire us you can be sure that your vehicle is in safe hands. It’s time to fix those small problems before they become big and expensive ones. All you need to do is just call us, and we will explain the necessary repairs before we begin and we will start after your prior permission. If you still have any questions or want to know more about our mechanical repairs in Auckland, feel free to call us on 0800100042 or email us at We are looking forward to assisting you.

Expert Tyre Mechanic in Auckland

At Best Tyre, we provide all types of tyre repair services, from fixing the broken air valve to repairing cuts and punctures as well as Laser wheel alignment to prolong your tyres’ life.

With a team of highly experienced tyre mechanics in Auckland, we can handle all your tyre-related troubles under one roof. We will look into your suspension system, front axle and link rods to rule out any external cause of poor wheel alignment. In case we find a problem, we will fix it at the lowest cost possible.

We also specialise in other mechanical repairs that involve removing more than five bolts. Our mechanics have years of experience working on all types of cars, dealing with all kinds of mechanical issues under the hood.

Professional Tyre Repair Services in Auckland

Best Tyre has a team of tyre repair professionals in Auckland that focuses on the problem and not the profit. If you are facing recurrent tyre issues, such as a puncture, cut, bulging and cracking, visit our tyre workshop and have one of our mechanics look at it.

In many cases, we can fix the problem without having to replace the tyre altogether. If needed, we can find you a new set of tyres based on your needs and budget. We also sell used tyres at discounted rates. These tyres will have 70-80% tread left on them which can last another 40k kilometers with regular upkeep.

At Best Tyre, you will find popular branded tyres available at every price point. Our goal is to stock as many tyre specifications as possible so that there’s always something for everyone.

Single Services

Once you will use our service, we will subscribe you for the next time and will notify you with the text or an email. Feel free to call us FREE anytime at 0800 100 042

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