Ways You Can Repurpose Old Tyres

So, you got your tyres changed, eh? And now you have a bunch of old, used tyres waiting for you to make a decision in your garage or backyard. Well, you have two choices here. A lot of people looking to get new tyres to opt for cheap tyres Auckland tyre dealers sell. Your old tyre can help such individuals. Alternatively, you can find creative ways to repurpose them to decorate your house with little to no cost involved. Does the second option interest you? Here’s what you can do.

Playthings for your children and dogs

Old tyres are one of the best things to use when your kid wants a swing hanging from that lone tree in your backyard. They are durable and springy and this is as classic as you can get in terms of childhood entertainment. Alternatively, if you are a dog person, know that obstacle course using tyres is the best thing you can give to your paw-ed friend. 

Doormats and interior décor

Tyres have been used to make doormats since the 1920s. By weaving rubber strips to a wireframe, you can make your own durable doormat with ease. Alternatively, up your DIY game by stacking up your old tyres to create funky and cheap décor. Use pillows and tyres for an ottoman or add in some wood to get an amazing coffee table. 

Garden decorations

Old tyres make the best planters and flower pots. The best part about using tyres in your garden is that you can mount them on the wall and have a stylish hanging garden without all the cost. Want a garden pond? Get them tires covered in plastic sheet on one side and fill them with water. You can also use them as a hose caddy, as well. 

Create a tyre-d staircase

You can use old tires to create an outdoor staircase. All you need to do is fill the tyres with the materials you are using. In short, you are using the tyre as an element to hold material and work as a framework of a staircase. 

Freestyle workout equipment

If going to a gym is not your cup of tea and you are more of a home workout person, old tyres are the perfect partner. You must have seen in the movies and series athletes training every part of their body with a tyre or several. Take a leaf from their book and use your old tyres buff up your physique.


Old, used tyres can be a hassle to dispose of…only if you see it that way. There are many ways to repurpose car scraps and old car components. The five ideas given above are just some of the DIY hacks for using your old tyres. So, get your creative mind rolling and come up with cool ideas of your own. 

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