Manukau’s Best Tyre Shop

Our store in Manukau is no different from the one in Otahuhu in terms of quality of services. Being a local shop in the Manukau suburb, our shop is home to tyres of international brands. We not only sell new tyres but also second-hand and used ones. As such, our prices are across a broad spectrum.

When it comes to a tyre shop Manukau’s Best Tyre store is one you can rely on. For, we sell tyres for all car types, including sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. Regardless of the specification of your car, you can be confident about finding the right tyres for your vehicle with us.

Should you wish to upgrade your car tyres with bigger ones for more grip, we can help do that, as well. We can guide you into choosing the right one among several tyre models according to your needs and the car’s specification.

Align your wheels with Best Tyre

At our Manukau shop, aside from selling quality tyres, we also offer wheel alignment services. Aligning the wheels is something you need to do every 5-6 months. However, when you get this logbook service done at a dealership, you will find yourself paying a hefty amount. This is where Best Tyre comes in.

We provide the same quality of service as that of a dealership store. At Manukau’s Best Tyre store, we use advanced Laser Wheel Alignment machine that offers more precision than the traditional process. However, we don’t charge nearly as much as they do. Therefore, you are getting great services for the fraction of cost and preventing putting a dent on your expenses.

Much more than just the tyres

Yes, we love our car tyres and have expertise in the same. However, our services include much more than just selling tyres and wheel alignment. We have, at our disposal, several experienced mechanics that can perform the mechanical repair for your cars. Our mechanics use only high-quality parts, assuring you that your car is in the Best hands.

Aside from these, we also provide WOF Repairs. We help you make sure your car is roadworthy and secure by checking every part of your car. Our technicians check everything from tyres and brakes to airbags and speedometer. And we do all this at a minimum cost.

Get Best Tyre service across the nation

We pride ourselves in our ability to give the Best service to our patron and extending the same across the nation. If you can’t come to our offline stores for the tyres, our tyres come to you. We support nation-wide speedy delivery. Moreover, at cheaper rates, we offer tyre-fitting service as well.

While going for cheaper options is not worth it, with us it is possible. Contact us today to know how we can help you.

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