Tyre Shop Manukau

Best Tyre is one of the local tyre shops in Manukau, providing all international tyre brands across a broad price spectrum. We sell new and used cheap tyres for hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. No matter what specifications you are looking for, we are confident to have an exact match for your car.

Do you want to upgrade to bigger tyres for better grip and performance? Best Tyre lets you choose from various tyre models based on your needs and budget. Want the best of both worlds? We have in stock various quality tyre brands that offer a great value for money. Call now to enquire.

A locally owned tyre shop in Manukau, here you can get Laser wheel alignment and tyre fitment done to the highest standards, at a fraction of the cost that you would pay at the dealership service centre.

We have all types of tyres for sale in Manukau. Visit us today to get a new set of tyres and let us dispose of your old, worn-out tyres in an environmentally friendly way.