How To Give Your Old Car A New Life

Your car is old and now it feels boring. A lot of people also tend to neglect their vehicles, which is one reason a car can become old quickly. However, there are several ways to breathe new life into your car, so to speak – 

Get Cleaning! Focus on the interior of the car and remove all that garbage that has been sitting in there, that fast food wrapper you hid under one of the seats among other things. Vacuum the seats and the carpet, clean the windows and get rid of that weird smell whatever way you can. Or take it to a car spa to have it all done by professionals.

It’s probably time to catch up on maintenance and other repairs that you have been ignoring until now. Some small fixes and changes can make a lot of difference. Fix those squeaky brakes, annoying rattles, leaks in the exhaust system, and your car will feel and sound anew.

Paint correction will make it look as if your car got a new paint job. The process entails removing dull oxidation and the thousands of tiny scratches that cover the surface, which will turn the clock back on your car by several years. 

Wear and tear and is natural over time. This is especially true in the case of a high mileage vehicle, where the bolsters on the driver’s seat are generally the first to succumb to the wear. Worn out seats are uncomfortable, bad for your back, and just plain ugly. Get those worn seats fixed.

Maybe your car is in need of new shoes (read tyres). The tyres are the only point of contact between your car and the road and therefore are important not just for proper traction but also for controlling the amount of road noise filtering into the cabin while absorbing any undulations. Visit Tyre Shop Manukau to shop for tyres.

There are several other modifications you can consider. The single most effective upgrade to get a reaction out of your car is to modify/replace the wheels. Or at least a simple refinish to make it look new. While you’re at it, how about getting new lights and horns as well?

If you are a gearhead constantly running after more horsepower, there are many performance upgrades you can make that can be felt immediately. Adding Disc brakes, cold air intake to further raise the horsepower, a full exhaust, larger sway bars are just some of the options.

It’s actually easy to modify your car to make it look and feel like new. Sometimes, however, proper service is all you need to give your car an increased fuel economy, lowered engine sound, and better performance.

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