What to look for in a second hand tyre

It’s not an uncommon realization to come to that something in your life needs replacing. Whether that thing is your headphones, your bed, your house or even your government, we all come to regular crossroads in life in regards to an item in one’s possession that has passed it’s used by date and needs to be swapped with a version of that item that actually works.

Some would argue that this occurs most often with automobiles. Whether it’s finding that an old car is breaking down so often that you need to call cash for cars Auckland, or experiencing the frustration of finding that some car parts are completely broken and are in need of service, it is no news to most vehicle users that the average turnover for car ownership over one’s life time is relatively large.

So, in the same way that, after learning that an important engine part is malfunctioning, a good car owner would head on down to second hand car parts Palmerston North to find a replacement, if you find that your tyres are bald or just generally worn out, it’s a wise decision to think about them. And if you’re strapped for cash, it may just turn out that a second hand tyre will work just fine.

But how to know what second hand tyre is best for you?

One important factor to consider is the quality of the tyre, which concerns a few different things; namely the age, how worn out they are, how often they’ve been repaired, etc.

If you buy a tyre that is too old, it very well may be a danger on the road, regardless of how new it looks, mainly because of rubber degradation over time. This certainly does not mean that you shouldn’t buy used tyres though, just ask the dealer of the tyre to find the batch code for you that indicates when it was made.

As always, remember to drive safely and to the weather conditions and you should be fine. But if you are worried that your car is so old that it isn’t road worthy, it might be an idea to get in touch with auto wreckers Auckland.

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