How to maintain your car tyres properly?

Anyone who’s been in a car when one of the tyres blows out can attest to how important it is to have your tyres well maintained. They are the front line in the never ending battle between your car and the road. They need to be in the best shape possible, otherwise the road will win.

The tyres also have the burden of the entire weight of your car. So their job is a huge one. Make it easier by following these simple rules:

Keep tyres properly inflated

Tyres that aren’t properly inflated make control of the vehicle more difficult, they wear out more and cause fuel consumption to increase. The tyre’s pressure will decrease through air escaping out of tiny perforations, and because of this, one needs to check this every month on average. If you don’t do this you will find yourself at online tyres for sale looking for replacements. It’s best to do this when the tyres are cold, while referring to the recommended inflation rate that is stated in the user manual for your automobile. Your tyres will thank you for all this attention with a longer life span.


Another thing that will go a long way toward keeping your tyres from experiencing premature wearing out is balancing. It has a veritable smorgasbord of advantages, like protecting the suspension and the bearings, as well as the steering system. You will also find less vibration. If you buy tyres online, take the car to the local panel beaters and have them balanced.


If you’ve just bought tyres at the best place to buy tyres in Auckland, don’t forget to have them aligned. Lack of alignment is another no-no when it comes to the well-being of your precious wheels. It all boils back down to wear and tear, only in this case it’s about uneven wear. The alignment can be knocked out when your car hits a kerb, or even a pothole. Get someone who specialises in wheel alignment to check your vehicle out. Whether you are selling a car in Auckland, or just want to be safe, this is one of those things you mustn’t put off.


Like all rubber, deterioration will occur due to the laws of physics. And it just so happens that tyre valves are made of rubber. Make sure you replace them when you buy new car tyres from Auckland, NZ suppliers, or from anywhere for that matter. Valve caps should be an airtight seal for the air in the tyre, and they maintain the correct air pressure, as well as keeping out dirt and dust.


If the tyres aren’t on the car, they still need attention to their condition and upkeep. Keep the tyres stored in a dry area, out of direct sunlight and moisture, and keep the area well ventilated. Don’t have chemicals around it, and any pointy objects or heat source should be kept well away from them.

Enjoy your new found lengthened tyre life. Get a help from Auto wreckers Albany to find the maintenance tips for other auto parts if needed.

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