Great tips for buying car tyres in NZ

Do you give proper attention to your car tyres until it’s too late? There are so many significant reasons that make it as a priority for all the auto owners.

A nicely maintained cheap car tyres can contribute a lot to the safety, fuel economy of the vehicle, better grip while running or stopping the vehicle on the road. When you visit any tyres shop – you could be so much confused after seeing so many different brands. I am writing few tips that could help you to buy the car tyres easily in NZ:

Having the tyres older than 10 years?

Consider replacing your car tyres if they are getting older than 10 years – no matter how they look like. Tyre rubber depreciates with exposure to oxygen.

Is your car in good shape?

Wrong alignment of the car can spoil the brand new tyres so make sure that your vehicle should be maintained enough to hold the tyres and wheels.

Never forget to check the original Car’s manual

If you bought the brand new vehicle, then you should stick with the manual. The manual of the vehicle will let you know the proper size and the type of recommended tyres.

Make sure that you choose the right tyre

Possibly the most confusing part is to find the right number [sidewall markings] of the wheels and tyres. However, you can consult from the Auto Wreckers Auckland team, in case you are not aware of these technical credentials.

Never avoid the condition of the wheels

Make sure that your current wheels are not damaged. If they do, then there is no sense of changing the tyres or they would be spoiled eventually.

Choose to change the pair of tyres together

Always try to keep the same balance for your vehicle. It is always reliable to change the couple of tyres at the same time.

Do not forget about the spare tyre

Never avoid to inspect the spare tyre or you would be broken in the middle of highway in the future. Keep the same quality with similar make, model and size of the tyres.

Consider buying from the local car tyre store

Local stores are always recommended. You will get the fitting and other installation at free of cost. Also, you can make the purchase with confidence.

Drive cautions with the new tyres installed

Every brand new tyre release the agent during the manufacturing process and it can leave the residue in the treads of the tyres. It can affect the grip of the tyres as expected. Do not push hard them or you can face the mishap.

Maintain the newly installed tyres

Inspect the tyre inflation monthly and keep your vehicle tyres maintained and increase the gas mileage of the vehicle.

If you follow these simple steps then you should be able to get the most of your auto tyres. Some people rotate the tyres every time when they change the oil. Get some information about second hand car batteries and take advantage of buying reasonable auto parts.

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