Do you know what makes a car skid?

First of all, we all know that car skid is very dangerous and led to serious accidents and other mishaps. Generally, it happens on the wet, slippery and icy surfaces and it could never happen on the dry surface.

Mostly, driving fast on the roundabout or curves can cause this. Back wheels always react quicker than the front wheels and when you are fast with the speed, then a car will surely skid instead of adjusting itself.

You can avoid this by slowing down before entering into the curves and speed up after the half way. If you accelerate too quickly – your vehicle will begin skidding.

Another major reason of skidding – when your tyres are in poor conditions and it will also decrease the traction. When you brake hard suddenly, your tyres will freeze for a while and will skid because of lack of treads. Overall, there are so many causes that can cause skidding and most of them can be evaded by doing the safe driving. Get in touch with Best New Tyre – Used Tyres Auckland team and consult about your vehicle tyres replacement now – no obligations.

Quick tips to prevent car skidding

All the latest vehicles have the anti-skidding brand new technology installed, however, for older vehicles, you have to be very careful about:

Drive Slow
Concentrate more when you are driving in the bad weather. In the rain or icy conditions, you have more chances to get slipped easily. If you are with the slower speed then you can focus more on the road.

Control on steering
By any chance, if you have been encountered with the skidding on the roundabouts then calm down and steer in the direction of skidding and it will help you to regain the grip back to your driving direction.

Ease up with the accelerator
Just take off your foot out of gas or brake while you are on the move and you should be fine with your turn. Pushing any one of them, can cause you trouble. Nothing else.

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