Buying Car Tyre Online in NZ

Getting a pair of tyre replaced is quite a job in this busy schedule. How about if someone can deliver the used or brand new tyres to your door and you can install them in your free time?

Well, this is only possible if you deal with the nationwide car tyre company who can deliver the pair of tyres nationwide. Sounds awkward?

Well, not anymore. If you can get the from Auto Wreckers nationwide then why not used tyres?

Meet the home of second hand or brand new tyres suppliers in Auckland – Best New Tyres. We deliver the used tyres in Auckland and offer the free fitting and installment services. However, if you are living out of Auckland (anywhere in NZ) then we can send the car tyres to your door for no additional charge. How’s that sound?

Jump online on our website and give us a FREE call at 0800 100 042 or fill up one of quotation form and leave the rest of hassles for us. Now you can choose the variety of affordable tyres in NZ. We deal with Headway and Mazzini tyres on cheap prices. Get more information about second hand tyres in Wellington.

You will simply get the manufacturer’s warranty on the branded new tyres and limited warranty on the used tyres – it will depend on the size and the age of the tyres through.

While, booking the tyres with Best New Tyre – you can make the purchase with full confidence because we are local and we know how to deal with the Kiwis.

On the top of this business – we also have a huge network of who offer the free auto removal for the scrap cars and pay top cash for cars nationwide.

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