An Essential Tyre Buying Tips

It’s funny to think of the tyre as a safety feature on a car. But the awesome truth is that not only are they a safety feature, they’re the single most important one.

The reason being that out of all four contact points the vehicle has with the road, tyres count as one hundred percent of them. You can have state of the art brakes and engine, but if the tyres are bald you are in trouble. If you are planning to sell your car and tyres are bald then you cannot expect a decent cash for that car at all.

It’s not just baldness that can be a problem in the tyre department either. Under inflation is another. Some tyres are made for specific driving conditions, and if you have the wrong tyres for the environment that you live in that is a problem as well.

So a bit of forethought needs to go into this activity of buying tyres. And that requires knowledge, which most drivers don’t have. If you are merely thinking about price, how the tyre looks or the reputation of the company selling them, you aren’t thinking about enough.

Here is a list of handy hints that will point you in the correct direction when you are on the prowl for decent tyres that will serve you well and thoroughly throughout your car driving life, whether you’re looking for auto tyres online or shopping at the local tyre store. Read them carefully and thank me later.

The tyre: a quick run down

Tyres can’t be completely solid. There needs to be some cushioning action to absorb the shock of all the imperfections in the road. So with that in mind tyres are designed as air cushions. The air inside is compressed. The container of the air is quite complex and includes fabric belts, steel belts and other such components.

Different vehicle types have differently designed tyres and the designation is shown by a code on the sidewall. LT for light truck, P for generic cars, etc.

How to know what the correct tyre is for you

You don’t want to accidentally choose a tyre with the incorrect size. This is where the sidewall code comes in handy. Learn what all the different numbers and letters mean. If your memory is bad you can ask the seller, and tell them the type of car you have. They will help you get the right tyre for your car.

Where should you buy your tyre?
As we all know second hand is the least expensive, and if you struggle each week to feed your twelve children you may want to choose that option. If you are looking for used tyres for sale, just make sure that there aren’t any cracks in the tyres and also check to make sure that they have enough tread in order to be roadworthy. The best way to test this is using the coin test.

Take a twenty cent coin and insert its edge into the middle groove, with the base of the number 20 closest to the surface of the tyre. When it’s all the way in, if you can still see the whole number the tyre isn’t good enough.

I hope that these tips could be beneficial for someone who is looking to buy a pair of tyre. On the other hand, if you are selling a used car and wanting to get the decent cash for cars, then make sure that your vehicle tyres are passing these extents.

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